Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Youth are to BE Exemplary

S. Sudan church leader appeals to youth to be exemplary
Monday 23 February 2009 03:30.
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By Isaac Vuni
February 22, 2009 (JUBA) — The Vicar General of the Catholic Archdiocese of Juba, Fr. Lawrence Kose, today appealed to youth of Southern Sudan to be exemplary to each other and to avoid politicians’ exploitations and embracing so-called “nigger” behaviors brought from foreign countries.
The term “nigger” is currently used to describe a section of Sudanese youth, which has adopted certain foreign modes of dress and behaviour, and is anecdotally associated with criminal activities.
Fr. Kose urges youth of South Sudan to totally discredit “nigger” behaviour now derailing the rule-of-law system particularly in major towns.
The middle-aged spiritual leader stated that those involved in deadly activities are mostly children of senior government officials who previously were studying either in Egypt or America and who now are terrorizing major cities of Southern Sudan particularly metropolitan Juba and Eastern Equatoria. He added that when the youths are apprehended by police on patrol duty, their elders rush to order their release.
Celebrating the 23rd anniversary of Youth in the Archdiocese, the vicar general advised youth to reject being politically manipulated especially during the coming national election scheduled for July this year. He went on to say youth are the leaders of today rather than just tomorrow; therefore they have the full right to elect capable people among themselves.
Otherwise, when it is time for war the politicians rush to the youth to fight despite that they are marginalized from positions when war is over, Kose noted. The positions are occupied by the politicians claiming that youth are still young to rule, he cautioned.
The elected chairman of the youth is Emmanuel Nason, the secretary general is William Kalisto, the secretary for information is Elizabeth Musa and the financial secretary is Simon Alesio.
In the current government of Southern Sudan, only one youth holds a ministerial level position, in Commerce and Industry.