Monday, May 4, 2009

Civic Education Fact Sheet

Civic Education is the process through which citizens will learn how to participate effectively in the governing of their nation democratically.

Terms to know:

Democracy is a system of government where the ultimate authority rests with the citizens of the nation. It is a system of government of the people, for the people, and by the people.

Citizen Participation in government is the right and responsibility of each individual.
In order for citizens to participate in the electoral process, they must be registered to vote.
Voter registration is a system used to identify eligible voters and ensure each voter votes only once to maintain the fairness of the election.
You are eligible to vote in Sudan if you are:
(a) Sudanese,
(b) eighteen years of age or older
(C) Registered in the Electoral Register,
(d) Enjoying all his or her civil and Political Rights, and
(e) Of sound mind.

Personal Identification!!

Every citizen registering to vote will need to be in possession of a personal identification document OR a certificate authenticated from the People’s Committee at the Locality or the native or traditional administrative authority. It will not be possible to register to vote or to vote without proper identification! Please encourage all community members to obtain their identification today!

What You Should Know:

Your vote is your voice.
You have the right and power to shape your country through your vote.
Your vote is a secret.
No one can purchase your vote.
Your vote, your future!

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