Monday, May 4, 2009

Communique from Yambio

Antwort an:

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ, this communique has delayed due to some difficulties in getting to internent in Yambio State, we are sorry for the delayments.

The ECS Diocese of Yambio convened its Diocesan Standing Committee Meeting from Thursday 16- Sunday 19th April, 2009 with a big Sunday service. The meetings listened to and discussed reports from all the Archdeaconaries and Parishes, under Yambio Diocese. More attention was drawn to the insecurity and atrocities caused by the LRA which have resulted to displacement of many of the parishes special those along the Sudan Congo and Sudan Central Africa Republic boarders.
Such atrocities include looting, destroying of property and abducting women and Children and recruiting them against their will into their forces carrying out brutal killings.
The displacement of citizen has happened during rainy season, when the citizens are supposed to cultivate and produce enough food and save people from hunger. As all the food crops produced by the people last year and other properties have been destroyed, the displaced citizens
have become miserable victims of poverty and starvation.
Not only have the L.R.A. atrocities affected Yambio Diocese, but also caused the inlux of refugees from from ther Democratic Republic of Congo into Yambio Diocese and other parts of Western Equatoria State.
The influx of the refugees has greatly increased the population in Yambio Diocese and also other parts of Western Equatoria State as well. Consequently essential services have become inadequate.
The Ambororo (Arab normads from Chad) are other source of insecurity in the northern part of the Diocese, which indicates that the Diocese is being squeezed by the two enemies from both sides. Besides insecurity Ambororo pose a great danger to environment their cattle
destroys crops as well as the fertility of the land. These Arab nomads are armed to the teeth and killing the citizen when they complain about their crops or when they go hunting or collecting honey from the forest.
The Church feels great concern and alarm about this precarious security situation which is continuing unattended to, therefore the Church appeals to Government of Southern Sudan (GOSS) to address the situatuion. The Church and the citizen of Western Equatoria appeals
to the President of Southern Sudan to come and vist Western Equatoria state to see for himself the suffering of the people caused these foreign elements. If part of the body develops a desease, the whole body is affected because it can not carry out its full fucntions.
Therefore, as Yambio Diocese in the integral part of Western Equatoria State, in particular and of Southern Sudan general, it means that the insecurity affects the whole Southern Sudan.
It is quite a blessing that the Government of Southern Sudan has gigantic, gallant forces, the SPLA at its disposal. The Church is acknowledgeable that our gallant forces has been put in place to repulse any foreign aggression in order to protect its citizen and
resources, but unfortunately this is not happening as it could be, as
a result this has compelled the youth to take bows, arrows and spears to defend themselves their land and citizen against the L.R.A. who are armed with morden Automatic Weapons. However, these forces are comparable to the huge and sophisticated Sudan Armed Forces against whom the SPLA successfully defended their people during the 21 years
of civil war.
It is the hope and confidence of the Church that the Government will expedite response to the cry of the Church on behalf of our people.
The church also appeals to the International Community to intervene and support the displaced as well as the refugees in Western Equatoria State by providing urgent relief to rescue the situation.

The Rt. Peter Munde Yacoub
Bishop of Yambio Diocese
Episcopal Church of the Sudan