Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Youth Workshop, May 2009

Sudan Council of Churches holds Workshop for Peace:
25 Youth Leaders Seek Peace in Sudan

Khartoum, Sudan, 30 April 2009-2 May 2009: 25 Youth Leaders representing 8 Christian denominations in Khartoum attended a peace workshop organized by the Sudan Council of Churches. The leaders discussed steps forward in creating a culture of peace and advocating for human rights in Sudan.

The youth leaders envision a Sudan where all citizens share equal rights before the law, enjoy the right to participate freely in a representative government, and an end to discrimination based on race, religion, ethnicity, tribe or age. Through teaching nonviolent conflict resolution and reconciliation, the youth leaders would like to move Sudan away from a culture of war, and towards the vision of a culture of peace. The leaders learned ways to plant seeds of peace in the hearts of youth in Khartoum.

The Sudan Council of Churches is dedicated to the creation of a peaceful Sudan and the promotion of a culture of peace through providing workshops and trainings to community leaders regardless of race or religion.